Vocational Training Center Nonprofit Kft.

The school outsourced vocational training in the framework of a company. This has created the conditions for project-type practical education and the establishment of an individual interest system.

The vocational trainers acquire professional knowledge in the course of their business activities (in a sharp position). Students are involved in each phase of entrepreneurial activity, tasks are jointly solved. We currently have practical training in five professions.

In the first half of the year, students acquire basic professional knowledge within the framework of a workshop, and from the second half of the year they engage in entrepreneurial activity with the trainer. (they operate a school buffet, they undertake masonry and electrical installation works)

We consider students to be an equal partner, though they have rights and obligations as workers in the same profession.

The advantage of this education system is that students acquire professional skills and acquire knowledge of the rights and obligations of employees in the course of their business activities.

The wages paid are personal income tax exempt. Health and pension insurance contributions are required.
Therefore, the time spent in the vocational grade counts for retirement, in case of sickness the students are entitled to sick pay, they can only prove their absenteeism with sickness paper.
Students' emoluments are referred to their own bank wire, which can be used with a bank card.

Required documents: eye. ID card, address card, TAJ number, tax number, student ID, educational ID, telephone number, e-mail address.

They are acquainted with the process of administration:

request for identity card
claim for tax ID
conclusion of a student contract
conclusion of a bank account contract, bank card usage
proof of absenteeism (shedding paper)
when the student contract expires, they receive their emoluments and the documents related to termination of employment on the last day of work.

Sign up personally at the office of our company: 2370 Dabas, József Attila u. 107th in the building of the Kossuth Zsuzsanna Vocational School and Dormitory.

The company started operations on September 1, 2008, with support from the Municipality of Dabas.


100% of the Kossuth Zsuzsanna Vocational School and Dormitory

Main activity:

Secondary vocational education


2370 Dabas, József Attila út 107.

Managing Director:

Csongor Süge

The services provided by our company can be found in the menu bar by profession

The Vocational Training Center Nonprofit Ltd. is 100% state-owned, owned by the Hungarian National Holding Company Private Limited Company. Ownership rights are exercised by the Érdi SZC under the terms of a contract with MNV Zrt.

The aim of the Society is to provide students with real-life, realistic experiences of different professional skills and knowledge. The aim is to ensure the level of vocational training provided by the vocational trainers and the students. The primary aim of the Company, therefore, is to educate marketable professions in the field of vocational education, labor market needs and entrepreneurial activity only in order to achieve its public benefit goals.

Students practice their practical work and service activities in the company's leases (SZTK Buffet, School Buffet, Rétesház)

The motto of the Company:

"Practice makes perfect!"

The number of our students is continually over 200, and many of them perform well in their practical work (study competitions)

Because of the changes in the VET Act, our starting 9th grade students are employed in external, exclusive workshops instead of school workshops.

We are currently organizing education in 6 professions:

  1. seller
  2. confectioner
  3. waiter
  4. cook
  5. mason
  6. electrician



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